About us

Who are we?

Nordic beard company is the brand that cares about you and your beard. Some companies don't care about the consumer and will put harsh chemicals in their products that can be detrimental to the health of your beard. With our company we don't hide anything in our ingredients. We use all natural ingredients for all of our products. We have hand picked all of our suppliers based on testing products ourselves and selecting only the best quality ingredients we could find. You can rest assured that your beard is in good hands when you use our products.

The Founder

Jake Adams

When Jake decided to start Nordic Beard Company it was a tough decision with the market being so saturated. However after using these products in the past he knew that what he was making for himself was better than what was already in the market. He decided in 2018 to turn it into a local business in MN. Shortly after with the overwhelming feedback he decided to go nationwide. Jake would not have been able to continue his dream of bringing his products to the nation without the support from his family and friends. He does not hide behind a curtain but yet stands in front of and beside his company day after day forging the future of the bearded community.